About the ThemePark Freak Website

Themepark Freak

ThemePark Freak was conceived due to the lack of information about a Disneyland Paris meal plan. A lot of Disney influencers and theme park enthusiast content creators talk about the meal plans, but nobody actually mentions what you can buy with the Full Board Plus plan. Because of this, the website was created as a way to find relevant information about theme parks and attractions all in one location.

Freak (noun) – an ardent enthusiast
| a theme park freak

What You’ll Find on ThemePark Freak

You will find all of the normal stuff about a theme park or attraction.

  • information about the theme park or attraction
  • opening times
  • prices
  • rules

Additionally you’re going to find the following as well:

  • honest reviews
  • tips and tricks
  • advice
  • ride guides
  • history and facts
  • disability and accessibility information

The idea of the website is to compile all of the information from actually visiting the different theme parks and attractions into one place. And of course we want to compile all of the good advice that we run across about the different parks, attractions, and travel.

What You Won’t Find on ThemePark Freak

There are some things that you’re not going to find on ThemePark Freak such as articles or videos covering:

  • specific food reviews
  • specific merchandise reviews
  • park or attraction rumors
  • politics
  • public incidents

To be clear, there’s nothing bad about anything listed above. However, everything mentioned is very well covered by other websites and content creators. Keep an eye out for some guides on those content creators so you can stay up to date on all the news of your favorite theme parks!

I also won’t be taking videos of rides unless it’s specifically to showcase an accessibility issue, for a guide, or a review (maybe for fun if I get new equipment). Once again, there are already a lot of great videos out there. We really don’t need another video of someone riding Big Thunder Mountain or Hagrid’s Motorbike.

ThemePark Freak’s Promise to You

The intention of this website is to make sure you don’t have to do deep dive searches on the internet for answers, or to try to clear up confusion about different aspects of the theme parks. There is absolutely no reason a single person should have to go to five different places to try to piece together information.

I also promise that what you find on this website is my own content. Obviously when it comes to things like opening times and prices, I have to take what the different parks and attractions give me. However, if there’s something unclear or ambigious I will write the park or attraction to clarify so you don’t have to.

And finally, I will do my upmost to provide real and honest reviews of my experience as well as my friends who may join me in this endeavor. While in the future we may enjoy perks of being an affiliate of different companies or free entry into parks and attractions as content creators, we will never sell our opinion. It’s not for sale and if there’s something not right or doesn’t shine brightly on a company, we will still make mention of it.