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American Heartland Theme Park – Oklahoma

One hour outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma a theme park is in the process of being built. This will be the American Heartland Theme Park in Vinita.

American Heartland Theme Park

Last year in July, the state of Oklahoma and local officials gathered at a press conference to announce the development of a 2 billion dollar theme park and resort. This will be built on the famous Route 66 between Vinita and Afton. The RV park being built along the theme park is supposed to open in 2025 with the park itself opening in 2026.

This page will slowly be converted to the American Heartland Theme Park guide, so keep checking back for updates about the lands, attractions, lodging and more as it’s announced!

Lands in the American Heartland Theme Park

All 6 lands of the theme parks are being imagined and created by former Disney Imagineers. And, of course, from the park’s name you can guess that the lands are very much American themed.

  • Liberty Village
  • The Great Plains
  • Bayou Bay
  • Stony Point Harbor
  • Big Timber Falls
  • Electropolis
American Heartland 6 lands

At the moment, there isn’t a description about what each land represents. However, it would be my guess that Liberty Village would be something representing an all American town, perhaps from a past era. Then the Great Plains would likely be cowboy themed while Bayou Bay likely the bayous of Louisiana.

Stony Point Harbor would probably represent a quaint harbor town in the North East, perhaps Maryland? Big Timber Falls from a fly thru video looks something like Big Thunder Mountain at Disney. So perhaps something mining or gold rush themed? And finally Electropolis had the Tesla Tower so this will be science and maybe future themed.

I suppose those Imagineers need to stick with what they know!

American Heartland Attractions and Rides

Currently there isn’t any official announcements of what rides and attractions will appear in the American Heartland park. From the fly thru video the park released many months ago, we’ve listed what is likely coming.

Thrilling Rides

For the thrill-seekers, the Efteling offers several options that will get the heart racing and the blood pumping. Below you can see the different thrill rides and the level of thrill they offer.

  • High thrill: intense rides, such as roller coasters with inversions (loops)
  • Medium thrill: gentler roller coasters or maybe a river rapid ride
  • Low thrill: a swinging ship, or perhaps a bob sled type attraction
NameRide TypeThrill Level
Jackalope CoasterWooden Coaster (speculated from fly thru video)TBA
Tesla TowerTBATBA
Big Timber FallsLog FlumeTBA

Family Friendly Rides and Attractions

Family friendly rides and attractions are generally slow without a lot of force or bumps. It could be a dark ride, something that spins like Disney’s Dumbo, or even a walk through attraction.

NameRide Type
Charlotte’s WebTBA

Park Shows and Entertainment

The Efteling offers plenty of entertainment during the day, while you take a break from one thrilling ride or the other. There’s everything from knights on horseback to the closing water show at night.

Please note that the shows that have speaking actors, are only in the Dutch language. However, they are entertaining and even those who don’t speak the language will be able to get the gist of what’s going on!

Show NameArea of Park
First Stories TheaterThe Great Plains
Pirate Stunt ShowBayou Bay
Nighttime SpectacularStony Point Harbor

Dining Options

At this time, there have been no announcements of the dining options at the theme park. However, the food will likely represent the different lands.

Sit Down Restaurants

Restaurant NameType of CuisineCan Reserve Seating

Quick Service Meals and Snacks

Quick Service Location NamesFood Offerings

Special Dietary Options at the Park

Currently, there is no information about how the park will cater to those requiring special dietary options.

Shopping and Merchandise

Gift ShopMerchandiseLocation

Park Visitor Information

If you’re looking for all of the important information about American Heartland, you’re going to find it here! We’ll tell you where to find the opening times, ticket prices, and accessibility information (once it’s announced).

Park Hours and Schedule

Currently, the park has not discussed what the park hours or opening schedule will look like. This park likely will be seasonal due to the fact that there is snow in the winter.

Tickets, Packages and Park Passes

Check back for more information later!

Park Ticket and Accommodation Packages

Once we get closer to fall 2026, there will likely be information about the different packages offered!

Annual Passes to the Park

Check back closer to fall 2026!

Park Accessibility Information

American Heartland hasn’t mentioned or discussed how the park will be accessible to different abilities. If they release any information, we will update it here!

Getting to the Park

The park is on Route 66, near Vinita

Commonly Asked Questions About American Heartland

Once the theme park starts releasing information, we will start creating a FAQ for the park. If there’s anything specific you would like to know, mention it in the comments below!

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