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2023 Dates that Disneyland Paris will be Busy

Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by Themepark Freak

2023 Dates that disneyland paris will be busy

The following dates in 2023 will most likely be when Disneyland Paris will be busy. Why is that? European school holidays.

Winter Dates 2023

Through Europe, a lot of schools will take a Winter Break sometime in February. These days are when the most schools are out in France and the countries surrounding France.

  • February 13 to 26

Between the 13th and 18th France Zones A/B and the UK will be out of school. On the 18th the Netherlands southern region start their winter vacation. Then on the 19th, France Zone C joins in the fun.

Then the 20th until the 26 France Zone B/C will be on holiday, Netherland South and Belgium. On the 25th the North and Middle regions of the Netherland go on holiday. This means that Disneyland Paris will be busy.

Spring Dates 2023

Spring and/or Easter Holiday is kind of all over the place. The busiest times seem to be:

  • April 3 to 14

From the 3rd of April until the 8th you will have schools in Germany, Belgium and the UK on holiday. On the 9th France Zone A joins the other schools and this will last until the 15th.

After the 15th it’ll go down to only French regions being on holiday until April 29th when the Dutch schools join the party.

Summer Dates 2023

Summer is the longest of the school holidays and Disneyland Paris will be busy. Very busy. It’ll also be hot. If you or your children don’t deal well in crowds, you might want to consider one of the other cooler less crowded times to go.

  • July 9th to September 3rd

Here’s the breakdown. Starting July 9th you’ll have Belgium, the Netherlands south, all of France and UK on holiday. On the 15th the Dutch South joins the holidays. Around the 18th parts of Germany will also start going on holiday. Every region has different dates so it won’t be the entire country at once.

On the 22nd you’ll have all 3 regions of the Netherlands on holiday.

Until the 20th of August you’ll have all the countries on holiday and then it’ll only be the Dutch North and South still being out until the 31st. At this point it’ll be France, the Dutch North and the various German regions.

Fall Dates 2023

For the fall holidays, Disneyland Paris will be busy during the following dates:

  • October 21 to November 3rd

On the 21st you’ll have all of the Netherlands on holiday as well as some of Germany and the UK. Then starting on the 22nd of October, France will join in.

This will go until the 29th and then on the 30th the Netherlands goes back to school but Belgium will take their place. This will go on until the 3rd of November and it goes back down to some German regions, France and Belgium.

Christmas Dates 2023

It goes without saying, Disneyland Paris will be busy for Christmas and New Years Eve.

  • December 24 to January 7th

Pretty much all of the schools are off at the same time during the Christmas school holidays.

When Would Themepark Freak Book a Disney Holiday?

Since I currently live in the Netherlands, and my nephew is in the middle region, I’ve booked my Dinsneyland Paris holiday for February 27 until March 1st. This is a two nights and three park days package that I’ve booked.

During this time only France Zone C and the North and Middle region of the Netherlands will fully be on holiday. There will be some Germany regions, but probably not enough to make a difference.

However, if I were going alone or with my husband, I’d book outside of the school holidays.

  • January 9th till February 5th
  • March 6th till 24th
  • May 8th till June 30th
  • September 11th till October 7th
  • November 6th till December 15th

A Few Things to Keep in Mind About Peak Dates

During the peak dates, without a doubt Disneyland Paris will be busy. However, not everyone that’s off on school holiday will have booked a trip.

  • parents still have to work
  • the trip is expensive and not everyone can afford it
  • people aren’t as frantic to go on holiday after the pandemic

Without a doubt, summer and Christmas will traditionally be the busiest times. However, the other school holidays may be a better bet.

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