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Can You Get Refillable Drinks at Disneyland Paris?

Last Updated on February 19, 2023 by Themepark Freak

A question that comes up a lot is, “Can you get refillable drinks at Disneyland Paris?” Unfortunately, if you’re coming from a country where refillable drinks are the norm, you’re going to have to do without. These have been banned in France since 2017.

Why Refillable Drinks are Banned in France

In 2012 the French government decided to introduce a tax on sugary drinks. This tax applies to both regular and sugar free soft drinks, flavored mineral water, and fruit juices with added sugar.

However, the government didn’t think that was enough. It decided to make it illegal for businesses to sell unlimited soda at a fixed price. Don’t worry, you can have 20 cokes in one sitting, but you’re going to pay full price for each bottle.

What Can You Have in Unlimited Quantities?

Tap water.

There are drinking fountains located around the parks. It’s rumored that there have been a few water bottle stations added as well. Plus, the water in the bathrooms are perfectly serviceable if you can’t find a fountain with a decent stream.

Unlike the the American parks where you can request a cup for ice water anywhere that has a fillable soda station, you can’t get your bottles filled at restaurants and quick service places. I have seen reports that there are cast members who will fill up water bottles if asked, however.

Water in a French Restaurant

When you decide that you want to quench your thirst in a sit down restaurant with a little water, be aware that unless you explicitly specify you want tap water, you’re going to be buying expensive bottled water (unless you want sparkling water, that is).

A lot of tourists aren’t aware that France has a water law that went into effect in 1992 stating that water is part of the common heritage of the nation and that it’s use is for all. So this means that by law, if you want free tap water, you should be able to ask for free tap water.

You’ll want to order a pitcher of tap water, or une carafe d’eau.

Just don’t expect ice water. It’s going to come out of the tap and most likely it’s going to be room temperature. But, it’ll be FREE!

Dressing Up Your Water

Flavored drops for water instead of refillable drinks

If you find plain water boring or you just don’t want to pay the prices for flavored drinks in the parks, consider bringing some flavored drops to add to your water bottle. Most of the bottles are well under the 100ml hand luggage limit for flying, so you can pop a few in your carrying case! I’d just put them in a zip lock baggie incase they accidently open up.

The French do like the different water syrups so you may be able to find some flavored water enhancers in the French supermarkets as well. That is, if you’re going to be stopping at one on your way to the parks.

It’s Not Fair! My Country Has Refillable Drinks!

There are culture differences between countries. It’s not just limited to whether there’s free refills for your soda at a theme park.

Food, drinks, available (and allowed) over the counter medication, and behaviour are all things that can differ between countries. What you can do is read up on the country you’re going to so you can be as prepared as possible for the culture differences that you’re going to encounter. Some of them are quite charming, others can be a little annoying. Regardless, this is what you’re signing up for when you decide you’re going to pack up and head off.

Instead of focusing on what your country does that France doesn’t, appreciate the things that France has. Such as Disneyland Paris!

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