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Meow Wolf Omega Mart – Las Vegas

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If you’re into weird attractions, the name Meow Wolf may have come up in your internet searches. The original Meow Wolf is located in Santa Fe, but a second installation was created in Las Vegas. So what is Meow Wolf Omega Mart? Why should you consider going? Lets talk about it!

What is Meow Wolf?

Originally, Meow Wolf started as an artist collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The name was created by drawing two random words out of a hat at the very first meeting of the collective.

From 2008 until 2016 when the first permanent art installation was created, the artists participated in different art ventures. The very first art piece was The Due Return. This was a 70ft, 2 story tall ship. The life sized piece of art was funded on Kickstarter and was realized in 2011.

In 2016 the first permanent location in Santa Fe was set up. From there, Meow Wolf would become a household name for lovers of the trippy and weird.

About Meow Wolf Omega Mart

Omega Mart is the second permanent installment of Meow Wolf, located in Las Vegas. The exhibit is over 52,000 square feet (4,830 square meter) of weirdness and immersive art.

You enter the Omega Mart and rapidly you’re going to realize you’re not in Vegas anymore. As you wander up and down the store isles, glancing over products such as Doomed Expedition gum or CornPM painkillers in the drug isle.

As you interact with the art, a collaboration of more than 325 writers, sculptors, painters, actors, musicians and other artists, you just might find one of the portals that lead into different worlds and unexpected landscapes.

Practical Information About Omega Mart Las Vegas

Meow Wolf Omega Mart is located at 3215 South Rancho Dr, Las Vegas inside Area 51.

What are the Omega Mart Opening Times?

  • Weekdays: 12pm until 12am
  • Weekends: 10am to 12am

Meow Wolf Omega Mart does cater to private events. It’s possible that there are early closures or blocked off dates for events. It’s best to check the Omega Mart Ticket Page to see if the date and time you’d like to attend is available.

What is the Night Shift?

Starting 8pm on selected dates, Omega Mart closes to everyone under the age of 21. Those who meet the age requirements and have a valid Night Shift ticket can enjoy the art installment in an adults only environment.

What are the Ticket Prices of Omega Mart?

What are the Ticket Prices

  • General admission (14+): $49.00
  • Child (4-13): $45.00
  • Infant (0-3): Free
  • Senior (65+): $45.00
  • Military (ID required): $45.00
  • Nightshift (21+): $49.00

If you’re a Nevada resident (Nevada ID required) you will get a discount on your ticket purchase.

What is Included in the VIP Package?

Unless you’re attending the Nightshift or another event, there’s the possibility to purchase a VIP Package. This includes:

  • Admission
  • Collector ticket with a lanyard
  • Beverage at the bar
  • Souvenir pin
  • 15% off purchases $50 or more at the Meow Wolf gift shop

The cost of the VIP package is $99.00.

What is the Accessibility Like at Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

Meow Wolf has done an amazing job attempting to make immersive art accessible to as many human beings as possible! Here are some of the accommodations available:



  • 30 accessible parking places at Area 51
  • Entrance, restrooms and exhibition area can be accessed and navigated by wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or crutches. Moving through Area 51 to Meow Wolf is accessible as well.


  • Different flooring textures that may cause issues with mobility.
  • There are multiple level areas or areas (step up/down) that are accessed by stairs. However, there are generally several ways to access an area so keep that in mind when exploring. Staff are available for help if necessary.



  • Service animals welcome (no ESA or therapy animals)
  • Descriptive assistance available


  • There are multiple level areas (step up/down)
  • Different flooring textures that could cause problems

Light and Noise Sensitivity

Meow Wolf art installations are known for utilizing all of the senses. There are vibrant colors, flashing lights, music, noise and other ways to engage the senses.

Omega Mart features the following:

  • dark spaces
  • low lighting
  • low overhangs
  • tight spaces
  • crawl areas
  • narrow walkways
  • stairways
  • flashing/strobe lighting
  • fog effects
  • music
  • loud noises
  • exposed materials

There are several spaces that are specifically designed for less of a sensory experience that could offer a break.

Additionally, Meow Wolf Omega Mart in Las Vegas will provide a sensory bag at guest services. The sensory bag includes things such as sunglasses, noise cancelling headphones, fidget toys, etc.


At times the location can become crowded at peak times and during the holidays. If crowd size is a consideration, Meow Wolf Omega Mart suggests coming during a weekday afternoon or early evening.

Other Things Good to Know

While Meow Wolf does have a no outside food or drink policy, it has been confirmed that diabetics who need fast acting sugar (smarties, skittles, gummy bears, glucose or dextrose tabs) are more than welcome to carry the item. Just let security know when you are checking in and having your bag checked.

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