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Confusion Hill – Piercy, CA

Confusion Hill historical sign

Confusion Hill is one of those old roadside attractions that has managed to somehow survive the rise of modern day attractions and theme parks.

It’s one of those places that you drive by as a kid, with it’s enticing hand painted signs and curiosities that make you beg your parents to stop. Located in the Redwood Forest in Northern California, this roadside attraction gives you the chance to stretch your legs while being entertained by the impossible.

History of Confusion Hill

Red Shoe at Confusion Hill

In 1949, George Hudson got the idea to build his own tourist attraction, much like the Oregon Vortex and the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. Hudson believed there were more places that defied the laws of nature and when he found it, he called it Confusion Hill.

This roadside attraction opened with the Gravity House, snack bar and of course gift shop (since no roadside attraction would be complete without one!). In 1950, the giant red shoe which is still out near the parking lot, was added to the attraction’s growing curiosities.

Hudson ran the attraction until 1999 when Doug and Carol Campbell took it over and they’ve continued running it to the present time.

Visiting Confusion Hill

You can visit Confusion Hill at 75001 U.S. 101 in Piercy, CA. The roadside attraction is approximately 155 miles (249km) South of Crescent City and 210 miles (338km) North of Sacramento.

If you’re driving North, you’ll see this brightly colored Confusion Hill Mystery sign (it’s really hard to miss).

If you’re driving South, you’ll find the normal brown “history” or “recreation” sign. You’ll also see blue “Amusement Area” and “Souvenir Shop” signs.

Parking at the Roadside Attraction

While you do need to pay to go in and see the different attractions past the gift shop, parking is 100% free. Note when I visited in July 2023, the parking lot was quite full of curious visitors.

However, in past trips which took place in the off seasons, there was plenty of parking. Especially if you stop by on a school day!

Opening Times and Entry Prices

As mentioned above, Confusion Hill is a paid attraction. What a lot of people don’t realize is there’s actually TWO separate attractions!

Gravity House Entry:

  • Adults: $5.00
  • Children 4-12: $4.00
  • Children 3 and under: Free

Mountain Train Ride:

  • Adults: $10
  • Children 4-12: $7.50
  • Children 3 and under: Free

If you only want to do the Gravity House and not the train ride (I still haven’t managed to get on it!) that’s perfectly fine! Or vice versa!

Things to Do Inside Confusion Hill

Redwood trees

I’m not going to spoil all of the fun. However, in the Gravity House there’s plenty of things to climb or hang from! There’s even some experiments you can run to check out the lack of gravity in the house!

At various points you’ll get some history lessons or learn about the Redwoods. You’ll be challenged to stack rocks or laugh at your reflection in fun house style mirrors. You’ll want to put aside a good 30 minutes to an hour in order to take your time, take pictures and let your inner child out (or the real kids) to play!

Is Confusion Hill Worth It?

Like I said before, I’ve stopped by nearly every time I’ve taken a road trip up or down US 101. But, I absolutely love the old cheesy road side attractions.

Look, it’s not Disneyland. You’re not going to see any fancy animatronics (you’ll see plenty of taxidermy though!) or get fancy treats at the snack bar. However, if you don’t take life too seriously and know how to laugh, I think you’ll have loads of fun.

Oh! They’re even Chicken friendly!

Screaming Chicken friendly Confusion Hill

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