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Visiting the Keukenhof in the Netherlands

Known as the “Garden of Europe,” Keukenhof offers an unforgettable experience with its stunning displays of spring flowers, particularly tulips. It is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, situated in the South Holland town of Lisse.

History of the Keukenhof

Tulip Fields by the Keukenhof

The history of Keukenhof dates back to the 15th century. The park sits on the grounds of Slot Teylingen and was the castle’s kitchen garden. In 1641, the current estate’s owner Adriaen Maertensz Block (captain and governor of the Dutch East India Company), built a large manor house on the property. This manor is known today as Castle Keukenhof.

Fast forward a few hundred years to 1857, the owners of the estate tasked landscape architect Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul to restructure the grounds around the manor. These individuals are well known in the Netherlands as architects who finished the last part of Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

In 1949, WJH Lambooij, the governor of Lisse, organized a flower exhibition with between 10 to 20 bulb growers of the time that would kick off in the spring of 1950. The goal of the flower exhibition was to help the flower growers export their bulbs. The show was so popular with the public, the landscape architect W. van der Lee (whom designed the initial exhibition) was appointed director of the show.

Needless to say, each year people would come back to the Keukenhof exhibition to admire the flowers. In 1969 Van der Lee was made Knight in the order of Orange-Nassau and he would remain director until 1975.

Up until 2003, when the last lord of the Keukenhof Estate passed away, the family was responsible for running and maintaining the spring exhibition. However, once the lord passed, Count van Lynden made the Keukenhof Castle foundation responsible for the maintenance and operation of the entire estate. This is more than 230 hectares of land which have 18 national monuments.

Things to Do in the Flower Garden

The Keukenhof offers a variety of activities beyond simply marveling at the floral beauty. Here is a list of things to see and do at the flower garden:

  • visit the various gardens strewn across the property such as the Cottage Garden or the Tea Garden.
  • visit the different exhibitions located in the exhibition buildings.
  • climb to the top of an authentic Dutch windmill.
  • visit the various stops along the edge of the park to admire the tulip fields.
  • ride a whisper boat in the canals around the tulip fields (additional fee).
  • try to find your way to the center of a hedge maze.
  • watch children play (or let your own play) in the various play areas through the gardens.
  • watch the flower parade (check the official Keukenhof website for the times and dates).
  • sit on a bench and watch people admiring and snapping photos of flowers.
  • have a cup of coffee and a slice of traditional Dutch apple pie.
  • get a cup of Dutch strawberries and whipped cream at one of the various strawberry carts.
  • buy bulbs of the flowers that you fall in love with.

2024 Inspirational Gardens of the Keukenhof

Every year, the Keukenhof puts out special displays and gardens. For the 2024 season, the inspirational gardens are as follows:

Garden NameGarden Description
Beach GardenStep into a tropical garden with the ambiance of Ibiza without ever leaving the Netherlands.
Hilltop HeavenFollow a path to the top of a hill in the gardens and look down on the flowers.
Mediterranean GardenFlowers with terracotta hues, wood based designs and laid back vibes are the theme of this garden
Romantic MysteryIn the Romantic Mystery Garden you’ll celebrate love and romance amongst the roses and other fantastic flowers.
Sounds of SpringThis garden emanates the look and sound of spring. You’ll see loads of bulbs in pots and design set to classical music.
Food at the Keukenhof

Dining Options

Walking around admiring the beauty of the tulips and other flowers around the garden can work up a real appetite. Regardless if you’re ready for a sit down meal, or just want a cup of coffee with a piece of apple pie (very typical dutch), there’s something for everyone.

For those who just want a snack, there are carts scattered around the park that sell strawberries with whipped cream, sausages, bone ham sandwiches and waffles.

Sit Down Restaurants

The following locations are where you can find more than just snacks or a smoked sausage at a cart.

Restaurant NameType of Cuisine
Het Wapen van RaveleijnClassic Warm Dishes
Beatrix– Hot Meals
– Pastries
– Salads
– Sandwiches
– Soups
Oranje Nassau– Breakfast
– Hot meals
– Pastries
– Salads
– Sandwiches
– Soups
The Blooming Dutch– Hot Meals
– Pastries
– Salads
– Sandwiches
Wilhelmina– Hot Meals
– Pastries
– Salads
– Sandwiches
– Soups
Willem Alexander– Hot Meals
– Pastries
– Salads
– Sandwiches

IMPORTANT: please be aware that payment can ONLY be made with debit or credit card. Cash will not be accepted!

Each of the quick service or snack locations also offer a variety of drinks. Everything from poured soda to those in the bottles. There’s also hot drinks such as coffee, tea or hot cocoa and of course different juices and milks.

Special Dietary Options at the Park

The Keukenhof only displays the type of food on the menu. So you’ll see the symbols for vegetarian, vegan, beef, pork, chicken and fish. Unfortunately, there has not been any effort to update to show potential allergens such as nuts, eggs or milk.

The menu also doesn’t state what is gluten free. If in doubt, ask the staff who can likely tell you about the kitchen and any potential cross contamination situations.

Windmill at the Keukenhof

Park Visitor Information

The Keukenhof Gardens are only open for a brief span of time during the spring season. For 2024, the gardens will open on March 21st and close again on May 12th.

Park Hours and Schedule

The park opens it’s doors at 08:00 and will close at 19:30.

Tickets, Packages and Park Passes

For the 2024 season, Keukenhof tickets are priced as follows:

  • Adults €19.50
  • Children 4-17 €9.00
  • Children 0-3 free
  • Parking €8.00

You’ll want to note that tickets for the Keukenhof not only should be purchased online, but you must also choose a time slot. If you’re coming with your own car, you’ll also want to purchase that parking ticket ahead of time as well.

>> Buy Keukenhof Tickets <<

Annual Passes to the Park

Keukenhof tulip garden

If you’d like to make multiple trips to the Keukenhof, it makes sense to purchase an annual pass! And, with the pass, you can just show up. There’s no need to reserve a time slot.

For the 2024 season, the adult pass is €50.00 (€65 if you include parking) and €17.50 for ages 4-17.

Park Accessibility Information

The Keukenhof is very accessible, with it’s largely paved paths. There are a few areas that may pose a mobility challenge, off on small trails. However, this is a very small portion of the garden.

There are accessible restrooms available and the restaurants and isles in the show rooms offer maneuverability for wheelchair users. There are also plenty of benches and other resting spots scattered through the park.

Getting to the Gardens

You can get to the park by your own vehicle or public transport. If you’re coming by car, the address you want to plug in to your navigation is:

Stationsweg 166A
2161 AM Lisse

By Public Transport or Tours

For those who wish to take public transportation, there is a Keukenhof + Public Transport combination ticket available for purchase.

There are also plenty of tour companies that will take you from Amsterdam to the gardens via a comfortable coach bus.

Commonly Asked Questions About the Keukenhof

Do you have some questions about the Keukenhof that weren’t answered above? Then perhaps it’s being answered in these commonly asked questions about the Keukenhof!

And, of course, if the answer isn’t below you can always ask in the comments and we can find out for you!

No, as stated in the Tickets, Packages and Park Passes section of the this article, you must pre-purchase your Keukenhof tickets online.


The weekends are always much busier than the middle of the week. The Keukenhof is always open Easter weekend each year and this is by far the busiest weekend.

The Keukenhof will always have flowers on display, even if it's been a colder February and March. While the tulips may not be ready to go into full bloom, there are other beautiful flowers to look at, smell and take pictures with!

When you visit the Keukenhof, the facilities inside the park are as follows:

  • several catering locations for treats and meals
  • wheel chair rental
  • free wifi
  • bathrooms around the park, including disabled facilities

Additionally there's the possibility of renting bicycles or purchasing a ticket for the whisper boats that take you through the tulip fields.

Yes, you can bring your leashed dogs into the Keukenhof.

Your furry four legged friend does need to remain on its leash at all times and you will need to pick up after it. There are areas located around the park to allow your dog to relieve itself.

Please keep your furry friend out of the flower beds!

No! Please don't go into the flower beds of the Keukenhof or the tulip fields around the park! Even if you see other people doing it, it doesn't mean it's allowed.

Going into the flower beds and fields ruins the flowers. Please be respectful so the next visitor can enjoy the flowers just like you were able to!

It depends on what time of the day you arrived and how busy the park is. However, on average we tend to spend around 4-5 hours in the park enjoying the beautiful displays of flowers!

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