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Visiting the Efteling in the Netherlands

Welcome to the Efteling, the enchanting theme park where fairy tales and adventure meet. Located in the south of the Netherlands, Efteling had been a magical destination for families, thrill-seekers and fairytale lovers since 1952.

Join us in the ultimate Efteling guide that will help you plan your visit by giving you a one stop shop about ride information, dining details and on site accommodations.

Efteling Attractions and Rides

The heart and soul of this park lies in its diverse rides and attractions. Guests of all ages will be able to find something to either thrill or charm them. Keep reading to learn more about what kind of attractions the theme park offers visitors.

Thrilling Rides

For the thrill-seekers, the Efteling offers several options that will get the heart racing and the blood pumping. Below you can see the different thrill rides and the level of thrill they offer.

  • High thrill: intense rides, such as roller coasters with inversions (loops)
  • Medium thrill: gentler roller coasters or maybe a river rapid ride
  • Low thrill: a swinging ship, or perhaps a bob sled type attraction
NameRide TypeThrill Level
Baron 1898Dive Roller CoasterHigh
De Vliegende HollanderWater CoasterMedium
Halve MaenSwinging Ship Mild
Joris en de DraakWooden CoasterMedium
Max & MoritzSteel CoasterMedium
PiranaRiver RapidMedium
PythonSteel CoasterHigh
Villa VoltaMad HouseMild
Vogel RokIndoor CoasterHigh

Family Friendly Rides and Attractions

Family friendly rides and attractions are generally slow without a lot of force or bumps. It could be a dark ride, something that spins like Disney’s Dumbo, or even a walk through attraction.

NameAttraction Type
Anton PieckpleinCarousel
Carnaval FestivalDark Ride
De Oude TufferbaanCar Ride
DroomvluchtDark Ride
Efteling MuseumMuseum
Fabula4D Film
Fairytale ForestWalkthrough
Fata MorgannaDark Ride
FondolettaBoat Ride
Game GalleryMidway Games
KinderspoorPeddle Train
PagodeWatch Tower
SymbolicaDark Ride
Volk van LaafWalkthrough
Carnaval Festigval at Efteling

Park Shows and Entertainment

The Efteling offers plenty of entertainment during the day, while you take a break from one thrilling ride or the other. There’s everything from knights on horseback to the closing water show at night.

Please note that the shows that have speaking actors, are only in the Dutch language. However, they are entertaining and even those who don’t speak the language will be able to get the gist of what’s going on!

Show NameArea of Park
Anton PieckpleinPuppet Theater
CAROEfteling Theater
Fairytale CollectorNear the Stoomcarrousel
RaveleijnRaveleijn Arena
SprookjesboobOpen Air Theater
Virginie and Otto CharlatanNear Danse Macabre

Please note that the show CARO is a paid addition to your day at the park. It will run 70 minutes, with no intermission and set you back € 26.50 p.p. However, guest staying overnight are able to nab tickets for only € 12.50.

Dining Options

If you’re looking to either sit down at a proper restaurant to eat, or have a quick bite on the way to the next attraction, the Efteling sports 16 different eateries through the park.

Sit Down Restaurants

Restaurant NameType of CuisineCan Reserve Seating
Het Wapen van RaveleijnClassic Warm DishesRequired
Pinokkio’s Pizza and PastaPizza & PastaYes
Polles KeukenPancakesYes

Note that Het Wapen van Raveleijn is part of a 3 hour program. It includes the Raveleijn show, young heroes get to learn fighting and horsemanship, and finally dinner. There’s also a test for the young heroes to show off their skills!

Reservations are required in order to take part in this special Efteling experience.

Quick Service Meals and Snacks

Quick or Snack Service NameType of Food
Bäckerei Krümel– Bread Pizzas
– Flatbread
– Pasteries
De Kleyne Klaroen– Coffee
– Treats
Eigenheymer– potato spirals
Fabula Restaurant– Burgers
– Meal Boxes
– Salads
Frau Boltes Küche– Chicken
– French Fries
– Onion Rings
– Snacks
Het Witte Paard– Bread Rolls
– Hot Meals
– Pasteries
– Salads
In de Gelaarsde Kat– Bread Rolls
– Fresh Juice
– Toasties
In den Swarte Kat– Salads
– Sandwiches
Kashba– Hot Meals
– Salads
– Sandwiches
Station De Oost– Bread Rolls
– Fruit
– Halal Food
– Salads
– Treats
‘t Melkhuysje– Churros
– Milkshakes
‘t Poffertje– Poffertjes (mini pancakes)
‘t Verwende Nest!– Chimney Cakes
Toko Pagode– Oriental Foods

Each of the quick service or snack locations also offer a variety of drinks. Everything from poured soda to those in the bottles. There’s also hot drinks such as coffee, tea or hot cocoa and of course different juices and milks.

Special Dietary Options at the Park

Unlike other theme parks, which are incredibly accessible on all levels including diet, the Efteling doesn’t advertise dietary options. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and halal options do exist in the park.

According to the Efteling website under their Frequently Asked Questions, the “Where can I eat gluten-free in the park?” question is anwered:

You may go to the Eigenheymer locations, Fabula, Frau Boltes Küche, Het Wapen van Raveleijn, Het Witte Paard, Pinokkio’s Pizza and Pasta, Polles Keuken, Station de Oost, and Toko Pagode.

The Efteling does not guarantee kitchens are 100% free of allergens or cross-contamination. You are free to ask staff what their preparation process is so you can make the best choice possible for your dietary sitation.

Shopping and Merchandise at the Efteling

Of course no theme park experience would be complete without the gift shops and specialty merchandise locations. In these locations you can pick up dolls, stuffies, figurines, t-shirts and other souvenirs to mark your time at the Efteling!

Gift ShopMerchandiseLocation
De BazaarMiddle Eastern themed merchForbidden city
De Gulden GaardeDroomvlucht themed merchBy Droomvlucht
EfteldingenGeneral theme park merchNear main entrance
FabulaFabula themed stuffies, costumes, tablewareFabula building
Jokies WereldJokie and Jet merch
In den Ouden MarskramerFairytale items
Spiegeltje, SpiegeltjeCostumes and acessoriesAnton Pieckplein
SymbolicaSymbolica merchSymbolica Ride

Souvenir Delivery Express Service

Do you really want that t-shirt or fairy figurine for your fairy collection? But you don’t want to carry around the merchandise all day? Efteling has thought about this problem and solved it with their Souvenir Delivery Express!

When you go to one of the above shop locations and make a purchase, ask the staff member to send it to the front gate for later pickup! If you’re staying overnight at one of the hotels or holiday parks, you can pick up your goodies at your accommodation’s reception.

The best part is, it’s FREE! This is a pretty rare occurrence where you often even have to pay to use the toilet while out and about!

Park Visitor Information

In this section we’re going to talk about the really important Efteling visitor information. The park opening times, ticket prices and general accessibility information. If you’re looking for the accessibility information about individual rides, please consult the Themepark Freak Efteling Ride Guides.

Efteling crowd calendar

Park Hours and Schedule

The Efteling is open year around and themes the park based on the season. In the winter time, the park will have snow covered mushrooms and other wonderful winter wonderland theming for the Winter Efteling.

Of course, during bad weather (and this is a country where it rains almost 11 months a year), outdoor rides such as the roller coasters will shut down if it gets too bad. But, for a little neerslag, motregen, or a few druppels the rides won’t shut down. If it’s storming, and especially if there’s lightening, they will close down.

Check the Efteling park calendar for the opening times!

Tickets, Packages and Park Passes

Tickets can be purchased online (or in the Efteling app). Everyone who is aged 4 and up must purchase a ticket, regardless of how many attractions they can participate in.

For the 2024 season, the variable ticket price will be from € 38 to € 51 euro per person. The busier the park is projected to be, the more expensive the ticket.

If you’re brining your own vehicle, you will be charged € 12.50 for day parking.

Park Ticket and Accommodation Packages

If you’re staying at the Efteling in either the hotel or their holiday park, then tickets are included in the price of accommodation.

You will not only receive tickets for each day of your stay (including the arrival day), but you’ll gain early entrance to the parks as well! For more information on booking accommodation, click here.

Annual Passes to the Park

And if you live in the Netherlands, or plan on making a trip to the park several times a year, an annual pass might be a great option!

Efteling provides 2 payment options for their annual passes. Either in a lump sum (with a discount) or in monthly payments. Pass holders can also purchase a subscription for parking as well.

It’s best to note that passes purchased with monthly payments will continue until cancelled. Meanwhile, passes bought in a single payment will cancel automatically after 12 months and need to be purchased again.

For those considering an annual pass, here are a few of the perks:

  • 25% off on overnight stays
  • free or discounted entry to other parks (including German and Belgian parks)
  • discount on Efteling events
  • discount on food and drinks

Park Accessibility Information

The Efteling is quite accommodating to visitors with disabilities. The park sports facilities such as adapted toilets and space for visitors to move around in restaurants and shops.

Attractions and shows sport symbols to let visitors know about ride suitability due to injuries or conditions, if there are frightening effects or if assistance dogs are allowed. You can look for these symbols on the visiting with a disability page on the website, on the signs of the attractions themselves or within the app.

Getting to the Park

You can get to the park by your own vehicle or public transport. If you’re coming by car, the address you want to plug in to your navigation is:

Europalaan 1
5171 KW Kaatsheuvel

If you plan on coming by public transportation, you can use the website or app 9292OV to plan your trip and even pay for the public transport tickets.

Commonly Asked Questions About Efteling

Below you can find a collection of the most common questions asked about the Efteling. We have curated these questions from all sorts of places across the internet. If a question you’re looking for isn’t there, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be happy to research it and add it!

Since the Efteling is open all year around, the best time is really down to personal preference.

If you want to see all of the magical winter theming for the Winter Efteling, then the winter months might to be to your liking (and it's a bit cheaper). If you like good weather, consider the summer months.

If you don't have kids and want to visit when it's less crowded, then try visiting during non-public holidays or school vacations.

Our personal preference is the fall or early spring on a dry day!

Yes, many of the rides have height restrictions on them. Please visit our Efteling Ride Guides to see what the minimum height is for the attractions you want to go on!

Yes! You can bring your own food and drink into the park. The only thing that you can't do is eat your food in the different restaurants or catering locations.

No, pets aren't allowed in the Efteling. This, of course, does not extend to service animals. However, those that use service animals will need to leave their dog with a party member if they go on an attraction that the dog can't ride.

Yes, you're able to pay with cash at all locations through the Efteling. If you're short on cash, there is a cash machine opposite Polle's Keuken.

Of course, dutch pin cards, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are all accepted in the park as well.

There are a number of WiFi hotspots located over the park. The current locations are:

  • Entrance
  • Dwarrel Plein
  • Baron 1898
  • Fabula
  • Het Witte Paard
  • Polles Keuken
  • Kashba
  • 't Poffertja
  • Het Wapen van Raveleijn
  • Raveleijn park show
  • Station de Oost
  • De Meermin
  • De Kombuys
  • Efteling Theater
  • Efteling Hotel
  • Efteling Village Bosrijk
  • Efteling Village Loonsche Land

Yes, some of the attractions do have single rider lines.

If you're interested in utilizing the single rider queue, look for the sign on these attractions:

  • Baron 1898
  • Python
  • Symbolica
  • De Vleigende Hollander
  • Max & Mortiz
  • Joris en de Draak

No, Efteling doesn't use a bypass the line type scheme.

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