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Disney Paris Parking Lot Review

Last Updated on October 22, 2023 by Themepark Freak

Why a Disney Paris parking lot review? Why not? Personally, I don’t think a lot of people realize how long of a walk it is from the parking lot (especially if you don’t get up front) to just the Disneyland Paris security station. Especially if the moving walk ways the park provides are out of service.

Who Was With Me on This Trip?

Since creating Themepark Freak, I have been to Disneyland Paris twice. This section will detail the date(s) and whom I was with each trip to the parks.

For my October 11th trip, I went to the parks solo. I accessed the park twice for Magic Hours so parked between 7:50 and 8:15 in the morning.

Parking in the Disneyland Paris Parking Lot

Bringing your own car and parking in the Disneyland Paris parking lot is really easy. Below is my honest review of what it’s like to drive and park at the Disneyland Paris parking lot.

The Disneyland Paris Toll Plaza

When you reach the toll plaza in your vehicle, pick a lane that has a green arrow. Avoid the lanes that have the red X’s as they aren’t open.

For my return trip in October, there was a big change. There are no longer people in the toll booths. Instead, poles that look like something you’d use to try to ring someone at a gate had been installed.

On each pole there was an area where you could scan your magic pass (you have to physically rub it on the area labeled passes or employees) or pay by credit card. There is no longer the option to pay by cash.

In the morning rush hour, there were several toll booths open and the line moved quickly. Since I was staying at a Disney property, I only had to scan my magic pass.

Toll Plaza Tip: you know you’re going to have to pay or scan a pass. Have your payment or pass ready so you don’t hold up your line.

Parking Your Car After Paying

After you pay, follow the road to the actual parking lot. The following is a recap of what it was like to actually park my car each time I’ve been to Disney.

This trip, I utilized the magic hours perk that came from my stay at Davey Crockett Ranch. This allowed me to get into the parks an hour earlier than those who didn’t get magic hours.

So on October 11th, I got to the parking lot at around 7:40. I was able to park right up in A8 which was as close as I could get. On the 12th I got to the parks at 9:30 and ended up in B13 and on the 12th I got there at 8:30 and ended up at A10.

Parking Spots are Tight

If you’re coming from America, you’re going to be in for a shock. Even by Dutch standards, the space between cars was pretty tight.

The first day at the parks back in February, I parked with empty spots on either side of me. When we got back to my car, the spots were filled. It was so tight I had to shimmy into my car and pull up to let my MIL an nephew into the car. If they tried to get in where I was parked, they’d have been denting the cars next to us.

In fact, speaking of denting, if you care about your car either park way out in in the B or C parking lot or find alternative transportation to the parks. People really don’t take care with other people’s things and bang their doors into other cars. And of course eager children throw the door open only to hit the car next to them. When I got home from my trip, I found a huge ding on the passenger side courtesy of some other guest or their children.

When I visited again in October, I felt the current guests were being slightly more respectful of each other’s cars. It was still tight but I actually saw a mother stopping her child from flinging open the door.

The Long Walk to the Parks

Disneyland Paris visitors are expected to walk from their cars to the parks. Unlike the big parks in the USA, there aren’t any carts taking people from their row to the front of the park.

Without being an European disabled parking pass holder, the nearest spot you can possibly park is 600 meters (0.37 miles) to Disneyland Paris security.

Not counting the walk from the car to the sidewalk, row B13 put us 700 meters (0.4 miles) from security.

Be aware from the security check point, you’re still going to be roughly 178 meters (584 ft) from the entrance to the Disneyland Park and 126 meters (412 ft) from Walt Disney Studios.

What About the Moving Walkways

Once you’re ready to head to the parks, you’ll walk to your right (if you’re facing the parks) to get to a covered walkway. There are moving walkways, but unlike 2015 when they were all working, they currently are not. Below is the current state(s) of the moving walkways.

Toilets Between the Parking Lot and Security

For those who forgot to use the bathroom before setting off to the parks, there is a toilet stationed between the Disneyland Paris parking lot and security.

I had to use this restroom when I made my second trip to the parks on Wednesday March 1st. There are a lot of stalls and everything was clean, stocked and working. In fact, as I entered there was an employee leaving who had just been cleaning.

Summing Up the Disneyland Paris Parking Lot

Overall, parking in the Disneyland Paris parking lot with your own vehicle is incredibly easy. Expensive if you’re not staying at a Disney property or have an annual pass with parking privileges, but easy. There’s also plenty of room for everyone to park.

However, I’d say on a mobility standpoint, the parking lot situation is disappointing. Not everyone is able bodied (meaning physically fit) nor is anyone at an age that 700 meters or more is nothing. While walking this distance is nothing to me today, there was a time I’d have been done before even getting to the parks.

At the end of the second day when my MIL decided to rent a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk another step, she HAD to walk to the parking lot. There was nowhere I could easily drive to pick her up closer to the entrance of the parks. Sure, I could have gone to the taxi or bus pickup by the train station, but that was still going to be a good 10 minute drive or more.

To put it nicely, if everyone in your party is healthy and can walk thousands upon thousands of steps without issue, there’s no problem. However, if you have an older person or someone with mobility issues in your party, you will need to plan ahead to try to make the trip from the parking lot to the parks a little more pleasant. Don’t count on those moving walkways to be working on your trip!

The Disneyland Paris Parking Lot Scores

Here are my scores for the Disneyland Paris parking lot:

Area to Rate1-10 ScoreNotes
Cost vs. Value3/1030 euro a day is expensive and not all of the amenities (i.e. the moving walkway) are working.
Ease of finding the parking lot10/10Disney has put signs everywhere. You’re not going to miss it.
Toll Booths10/10Fast and easy to get through.
Staff Friendliness10/10Everyone had a smile I interacted with in true Disney fashion.
Finding a parking spot10/10There are plenty, even for the peak summer or holiday periods. Over 44 rows!
Distance from parking lot to park5/10The distance is almost a full kilometer or 0.6 miles.
Mobility aids to the park0/10The moving walkways were all broken and there’s no way to rent a wheel chair until you’re in a park. AND you can’t take the wheel chair out of the park to the parking lot.
Toilets10/10There’s bathrooms at the half way point and they were spotless.

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