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What are Single Rider Lines

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You’re walking around the theme park and you see a sign over a queue stating that the line is for single riders. What are single rider lines? Is it something you want to use when you go to a theme park? Lets talk about it.

What are Single Rider Lines

Single rider lines are a type of line at an attraction that allows individuals to ride alone.

Typically, people like visiting a theme park as a group and going on rides as a group. However, if there’s a group of three people and the ride car has 4 seats, the theme park likes to fill these up to be efficient. This is where the single rider line comes in! Just pull an individual from that line and fill the ride!

What is the Advantage of a Single Rider Line?

Often, not always, but often the single rider lines will be faster than the normal queue. For example, when I was at Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, the queue time for the Spiderman Web Slinger was 70 minutes. However, the single rider line was only a 10 minute queue.

But, I’ve been to theme parks where the single rider line didn’t move at all. I can remember standing in the single rider line at the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Walt Disneyworld and not even moving an inch after 30 minutes.

Who Should Use the Single Rider Lines?

The single rider line (that actually moves) is perfect for the solo theme park enthusiast. Unless you really want to go through the ride queue (and there are some queues that are worth seeing) there’s no reason to torture yourself. Not only will you stand around less, you’ll maximize your ride time!

The single rider lines are also great for groups who want to ride attractions but don’t insist on being in the same ride car or even in the same ride session. Just be aware that if the single rider line isn’t moving fast, there could be a delay between ride times of yourself and the rest of your party.

If this is the case, just agree on a place to meet or utilize WhatsApp or another mobile text app.

Who Shouldn’t Use a Single Rider Line?

If you want to ride with other members of your group, please don’t get into the single rider line. Likewise, if you have a child that needs to stick with you, you’ll want to get into the other queue.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who don’t understand that single riders will get split up. I’ve witnessed people having absolute melt downs because they got split from their group. In fact, the latest fit was thrown by a 6 or 7 year old who didn’t want to ride separate from mom at the Web Slinger (you’ll never guess what gave me the idea for this particular article).

Please don’t be one of these people. Accept you might ride alone and enjoy the time on the ride!

The Argument that Groups Shouldn’t Use These Lines

Whenever theme park enthusiasts are discussing the single rider line, there’s always those who think that groups shouldn’t use the single rider lines.

While there are plenty of people who visit theme parks solo, I really don’t think that there’s enough of us to warrant a single rider line to stay open. Yes, that’s right. If there aren’t enough people to utilize the single rider line, theme parks will often shut them down. I personally love the single rider lines so I want them to stay open. If you’re willing to be split from your group on a ride, come on in! People who don’t want groups to use the line are just being silly.

What are the Cons of the Single Rider Line?

Yes, there’s some cons of using a single rider line.

Speed of the Single Rider Line

The single rider line isn’t always the fastest option. How fast the line will move really depends on how many seats there are on the ride, how long the ride is, if the number of seats are odd or even, and if there’s a fast pass type lane. If the ride has 4 seats per car and there’s a lot of pairs in line, it could be awhile before someone from the single rider line is picked.

Some Parks May Not Pull from This Line

In Walabi Holland, there’s a roller coaster called Lost Gravity that has a single rider line. My friends and I decided to give it a try, not caring if we rode together. After almost 40 minutes (the standard queue was about 70 minutes at the time) of being close to the front of the line we gave up. Why?

The staff members were doing their upmost to fill each set of carts from the standard queue. I remember the staff literally pushing their way about 20 people deep to find a party of 3 before accepting the fact they should pull 3 people from the single rider line. I have no idea why some theme parks do it this way, but they do.

If You’re in a Group, You Will Be Split Up

Once again for those in back, if you’re part of a group that decides to go through single rider lines, your group WILL be split up. Yes, there have been times that my father and I were able to get not only onto the same ride, but in the same roller coaster car. However, this is more of an exception than common occurrence. Just expect and accept you won’t ride together.

Wheelchair Users Usually Can’t Utilize the Single Rider Line

If you’re a wheelchair user, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to use the single rider line. However, don’t cry discrimination quite yet. In a number of theme parks attractions offer a wheel chair line. This will make certain if the attraction has a special car for wheelchairs, or transfer aids, you will be able to utilize them.

If You Need Modified Seating

Today there are a lot of attractions (such as roller coasters) that have modified seats for larger sized people. Unfortunately, if you need to utilize this particular seat, you’ll often find that you have to go through the normal queue to request the seat. Of course, you can always ask any staff at the head of the single rider line what the park’s policy is on modified seating and single rider lines!

You May Miss Cool Queue Theming

Universal Orlando comes to mind when I think about queue theming. I have chosen to wait longer in line for several attractions at this park just so I could see what they did in the queue. For example, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll want to go through the queues of all the rides at least once! I absolutely loved looking at all the moving pictures up in Hogwarts castle!

A Stranger May Hold Your Hand

When I rode the VelociCoaster for the first time at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, I went through as a single rider. I ended up sitting next to a girl who’s brothers were in front of us. The girl was almost crying and just before the coaster launched she grabbed my hand. I looked down and asked, “what do you think that’s going to do?” She screamed, “If I’m going, you’re going with me!”

So that’s how I ended up riding the VelociCoaster for the first time.

Single Rider Lines May Not Always Be Open

If there are low crowds at a park, or there’s a shortage of staff, the single rider line may be closed. So keep this in mind if your ride strategy is to get into those single rider lines as often as possible!

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