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WIBTA if I Surprise My Grandsons with a Disneyworld Trip?

Earlier this week on Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole?” someone asked the following question:

Is Grandma an AH?

My son and his wife have 2 boys under the age of 10. I moved to Florida and live near Orlando. I’m going to get my grandsons for several days and I’m looking into taking them to Disneyworld. I brought this up to my other son who told me I shouldn’t do it because it would ruin the magic of going to WDW for the first time with their parents.

Word got back to my son and his wife who have threatened to not let the boys stay if I’m going to take them to Disney. I don’t see what the big deal is. Will I be the asshole?

What Does Themepark Freak Think? Is Grandma an AH?

If mom and dad threatened to not let their kids visit grandma if she was going to take them to Walt Disney World, then yea, granny is going to to be the AH.

As a Disney lover myself, I can perfectly understand wanting to see my own kid’s faces (if I had any) when they see the castle in the Magic Kingdom for the first time. Or see Mickey Mouse or whatever their favorite Disney character happens to be. If the kid’s parents are planning on taking them to Walt Disney World soon, then why make this the hill to die on?

Besides, undo popular belief, Orlando isn’t home only to Disney World. There are tons of great amusement and theme parks to go to in Orlando itself not to mention all sorts of wonderful attractions.

In Orlando alone we have:

  • Gatorland
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Universal Orlando
  • Legoland Florida
  • Peppa Pig Themepark
  • Fun Spot America
  • Icon Park
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not Orlando
  • Crayola Experience
  • WonderWorks

That list is everything in Orlando or just a short drive away. Then if we look at what’s in the rest of the state of Florida:

  • Weeki Wachee Springs (Weeki Wachee)
  • Tampa Zoo (Tampa)
  • Busch Gardens (Tampa)
  • Kennedy Space Center (Merrritt Island)
  • Dinosaur World (Plant City)
  • Countless Aquariums (all over Florida)

With so much to do in Florida, do you really want to be “that grandma” and make Walt Disney World your hill to die on? If my kid and his family is able to afford Disney themselves, then I personally think it’s better to let them take their kids themselves. Just ask to be included so you can see the smiles on the kid’s faces as well and make memories!

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