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Efteling – Baron 1898 Roller Coaster Ride Guide

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Baron 1898

The Baron 1898 is an Efteling roller coaster that captivates riders with its unique blend of thrill and storytelling.

In this Baron 1898 ride guide, you will learn all of the practical information to decide if you want to strap into this coaster for a Dutch gold mining adventure.

About Baron 1898 at the Efteling

The Dutch roller coaster, Baron 1898, was introduced to the Efteling Theme Park in 2015. The storyline for this coaster is that a wealthy baron discovered a cave that has rich deposits of gold. Unfortunately for the baron, the Witte Wieven (the white women from Dutch myths, living spirits that either help or hinder humans they encounter) guard the gold.

The Witte Wieven warn the baron harshly against disturbing the gold, threatening lifelong punishment if he dares. Despite this, the baron, driven by typical human greed, decides to circumvent the Witte Wieven by employing poor locals in his newly established gold mine.

Predictably, things don’t go well for the miners nor the baron in the end.

Baron 1898 Ride Information

In this section, you will find all of the practical information about The Baron. That is, if you dare facing the wrath of the Witte Wiven who might curse you along with the gold mine!

The Baron is what's known as a steel 'Dive' roller coaster. This type of coaster typically will hold for a heart beat while at the top of the first drop, suspending riders in the air and forcing them to look straight down the drop. Another unique feature of dive coasters is the fact that the trains are designed to give everyone the same experience.

This coaster does have inversions (i.e. goes upside down) and barrel rolls. It is classified as an intense thrill ride.

Each train on the coaster has 3 cars. Each car consists of a row of 6 riders.

The Baron has over the head restraints as well as a strap that comes up in between the rider's legs and clicks into the restraint.

Riders must be a minimum of 1.32m or 4 feet and .4 inches.

The Baron lasts roughly 2 minutes.

Before getting into the line for The Baron, guests can make use of free lockers outside of the ride. While there isn't a metal detector, it is advised to make certain pockets are empty or zipped shut.

Yes, this coaster does offer a single rider line. When getting in line, be certain to pay attention to the signs as the coaster also offers a separate line for riders who want to sit in the front row.

A few extra things that you might want to take in to consideration when deciding if you want to ride The Baron:

  • During inclement weather, such as storms, heavy rain, ice, and snow, The Baron will shut down.
  • The Baron does sport a separate line for riders who want to sit in the first row of the coaster car.

The Baron Accessibility Information

This section of the ride guide provides key details on the accessibility of the Baron 1898.

Guests using a wheelchair will be able to use a wheelchair lift to bypass the stairs and main queue. However, the wheel chair user will need to transfer from their chair to the coaster seat.

It's good to note that the seat for The Baron is deep and has separate channels for the legs with a piece of plastic coming up between the riders legs (this is where the belt is attached that clicks to the overhead restraints). It can be difficult for those with mobility challenges to get in and out of the seat and may need to have a member of their party assist them.

Watch a short clip of how a wheel chair user may navigate the Baron 1898.

In addition to the stairs in the queue, the seat for The Baron may be difficult for some riders with mobility challenges to navigate.

Not only is the seat set a bit high, the rider must get a leg over the bump in the middle. The seat is also deep which could lead to issues getting out of the seat once the ride is over.

This attraction is not safe for guide and assistance dogs. They must wait outside with a member of the party.

When in The Baron's queue, you can expect a pre-show with the following:

  • dim light
  • loud talking
  • music
  • singing
  • sound effects
  • flashing light

Once on the roller coaster, a rider can expect:

  • tight over the shoulder harness
  • dangling feet
  • ringing bells
  • hissing noises
  • fog effects
  • singing
  • wind on face
  • twists and turns


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