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Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Park

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 by Themepark Freak

Big Thunder Mountain is a western themed Disneyland Park Paris attraction located in Frontier Land.

Buckaroos of all ages (that are above 1.02m or 3 feet 4.2 inches, that is) will board a mining train for a whirlwind adventure through a haunted mine. You’ll climb to steep heights, run through waterfalls and survive explosions that shave the cavern to its core in this thrill ride!

Big Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster

What is the Big Thunder Mountain?

Big Thunder Mountain is one of 3 roller coasters in Disneyland Park.

As it’s located in Frontier Land, the attraction’s theme is heavily western. In Disneyland Paris, a core of the rollercoaster is uniquely set out in the middle of the Rivers of the Far West. Equally unique to Disneyland Paris, this version of Big Thunder Mountain is the only version who’s back story ties in with the Phantom Manor (i.e. Haunted Mansion).

What Kind of Ride System Does Big Thunder Mountain Use?

Big Thunder Mountain is considered a “mine train coaster.” It’s designed to look like an old train that runs through mines.

While BTM is a roller coaster, mine train coasters tend to be more family friendly as they do not invert (i.e. go upside down) and tend to go slightly slower than the bigger thrill roller coasters. The elements of this coaster include 4 chain hill lifts, u-turns, sharp turns and dives.

Is There Restraints in the BTM Train Cars?

As the roller coaster doesn’t go upside down, the only restraint is a lap bar.

General Information About Big Thunder Mountain

The following is the general information about Big Thunder Mountain. You’ll learn practical information such as where it’s located, how long the ride is, and accessibility information among other things.

Where is BTM Located?

BTM is located in Frontier Land in Disneyland Park. The entrance is almost straight on if you head to Frontier Land from Adventure Land (from Pirates of the Caribbean). If you head in from Main Street USA you’ll take a right and eventually come across the start of the queue to your left, shore side.

Map to BTM

How Long Does the Ride Last?

The track, which is roughly 2.4km long (1.5 miles) and takes close to 4 minutes to complete.

Is there a Single Rider Line?

No, there is no single rider line for BTM.

This ride is, however, part of the Premier Access “skip the line” program.

Can Riders Bring Their Bag?

Yes, riders can put their bag between their feet.

Accessibility Information About Big Thunder Mountain

In this section, Themepark Freak will answer all of the questions a rider may have about the accessibility of the attraction. This includes everything from challenges getting to the attraction to information about wheel chairs or sensory simulations.

Are There Stairs to Navigate or Other Physical Obstacles?

Yes, in the standby queue there is one small flight of stairs outside of the building consisting of 4 shallow steps up. Then after the turnstile there is a set of 10-12 stairs that go down.

If you take the premier pass option, you must go up steps to cross a bridge over the tracks and back down. Then you must walk up another set of steps into the ride building.

Is the Ride Wheelchair Friendly?

Rider must be able to transfer from their wheelchair into the train cart. There is a transfer board available for easier transfer in and out.

BTM seating assist for accessibility

Is There Other Mobility Challenges?

Outside of the stairs in the standby and premier access queue, the walkways are flat. You will need to be able to get yourself into the cart and then scoot over if you’re the first person in. If you’re the second rider, at the end of the ride you’ll need to be able to scoot and then get yourself out of the cart again to exit.

Is the Ride Guide Dog Friendly?

No, guide dogs will need to be left with a member of your party.

Is the Ride Family Friendly or Thrilling?

Big Thunder Mountain is a thrilling ride with rises, falls, twists and turns.

What Kind of Sensory Stimulations are On the Ride?

  • squealing from the ride
  • dim lighting
  • dark tunnels
  • jerking of the train car
  • wind blowing on face
  • fast turns
  • some flashing lights

Is Big Thunder Mountain Size Friendly?

The cart is split into 2 seats with a bit of a plastic “boarder” between the two seats. However, it is quite roomy and the lap bar doesn’t need to go down by much to satisfy safety standards.

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