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Star Tours at Disneyland Park

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Step aboard Star Tours at Disneyland Paris for an interstellar adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. This immersive ride, offering a dynamic simulation experience, captivates fans with its state-of-the-art technology and intricate storytelling. It’s a journey through space that combines the thrill of flight with the magic of one of a most beloved sci-fi franchises.

Star Tours at DLP

About Star Tours

Created by Disney Imagineers, in collaboration with George Lucas, Star Tours first launched its galactic journey in Disneyland Paris in 1992.

Inspired by the iconic Star Wars universe, this ride was a pioneering effort in motion simulator technology, immersing guests in a dynamic, interactive space adventure. It allows riders to experience different scenarios and destinations, making each journey unique.

Star Tours Ride Information

This section delivers essential facts and practical information about Star Tours, ensuring guests prepare well for their intergalactic travel experience.

Where is the Ride Located?

Star Tours is located in the Discoveryland area of Disneyland Paris, perfectly complementing the land’s futuristic and exploratory theme.

What Kind of Ride is Star Tours?

Star Tours is a 3D motion simulator ride, utilizing advanced technology to create an immersive flight experience. Riders will need to wear 3D glasses issued by cast members.

How Many Guests Can Fit On the Ride?

Each simulator pod accommodates up to 40 guests, with multiple pods operating to transport travelers through the Star Wars galaxy. The line for this ride tends to move quickly.

Are There Restraints on the Ride?

Each seat in the simulation pod has a seatbelt. When asked, guests should grab a yellow tab and pull it to show the cast member that they have properly buckled the seatbelt.

Are There Height Restrictions?

This simulation ride requires riders to be at least 102 cm (3 feet, 4 inches) tall to experience this intergalactic journey.

How Long Does the Ride Last?

Each adventure lasts approximately 4 to 5 minutes.

Can Guests Bring Bags on Board?

Guests are allowed to bring bags on board Star Tours. However, guests must place their bags in a net under their seat. Cast members are very strict about this.

Is There a Single Rider Line?

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris does not offer a single rider line option.

Is Premier Access Available for Star Tours?

Premier Access Ultimate and Premier Access One is available for Star Tours.

Star Tours Accessibility Information

This section outlines the accessibility features of Star Tours, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the space adventure.

Are There Stairs in the Queue?

The standby queue is made up of ramps. There is an incline as the queue makes it’s way up to the turnstiles.

Is the Simulation Pod Wheelchair Friendly?

Guests in wheelchairs must transfer into a seat in the simulation pod.

Are There Any Other Mobility Challenges?

If a guest decides to use Premier Access, they must navigate a set of stairs. Additionally, the distance can feel narrow between the back of the seats in the row in front and the seat.

The back row’s seats are higher off the ground than the rest of the pod. This is great for those that have long legs but not so great for shorter individuals.

Is the Ride Guide Dog Friendly?

Guide dogs are not permitted on this simulation ride due to the nature of the ride and safety regulations.

What Sensory Stimulations Can Be Expected?

  • Rapid side to side and front to back motion
  • 3D visual effects
  • Loud sound effects and thematic music
  • Strobe lights and flashes
  • Laser shots coming at the screen
  • Close calls to almost hitting objects in the movie

Is the Ride Considered Size Friendly?

The seats in the simulation pods can accommodate larger bodies. The seat belts are also very long and can go over quite large laps.

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