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Europa Park Attractions with Single Rider Lines

Europa Park, Germany’s largest theme park, enjoys a reputation for its intricate theming and diverse attractions.. Among the park’s many features, the single rider line stands out as an option for solo riders to minimize wait times and maximize their ride time.

These lines allow visitors, who are willing to ride alone, to fill in empty seats. This means that the boarding process is more efficient and riders move through the line.

Of course, Europa Park has single rider lines for some of its most popular attractions! Lets take a look to see what they offer!

Attractions with Single Rider Lines

We’re now going to look at which attractions have single rider lines at Europa Park one by one.

Attraction #1: Blue Fire Megacoaster

The first attraction with a single rider line is the Blue Fire Megacoaster. This steel launch coaster is located in the Iceland portion of the park.

Each train sports 5 cars that hold 4 riders in a 2 by 2 configuration. As with any attraction that has rows of 2, the speed of the single rider line depends on the groups in line. If there are a lot of pairs, or groups of 4, it can take awhile before a single rider is chosen. However, if there’s a number of groups with odd numbers, it can go quickly.

Attraction #2: Eurosat CanCan Coaster

Eurosat CanCan Coaster in France - Europa Park

This particular coaster has 7 cars per train and riders sit in rows of 2. This means that there are 14 riders per train with 7 trains in operation. This is a particularly popular attraction that can get long lines. Solo travelers can always try their luck in single rider to see if there’s enough odd numbered groups riding.

In the heart of France, visitors can find the Eurosat CanCan Coaster. This is a steel indoor coaster produced by Mack Rides.

Attraction #3: Voltron Nevera

Voltron Nevera is a brand new (April 2024) steel launched coaster found in Croatia.

Each train has 4 cars, each which holds 4 riders. A total of 16 riders can experience the 105 degree launch at the same time. Since the train holds an even number of riders, the speed of the single rider line is largely dependent on the group sizes. A 30 minute time on the single rider line could easily mean an hour in line if there are a lot of pairs at the park.

Attraction #4: Wodan Timburcoaster

Like Blue Fire, the Wodan Timburcoaster is located in Iceland and opened in 2009.

Wodan has 3 trains, each containing 12 cars. At one time, the coaster can send 24 riders over hills and around bends that take their breath away. The single rider line for this coaster can move fairly quickly since there’s so many guests that can ride the coaster at the same time.

Attraction #5: Arthur

Arthur is an inverted powered coaster that also doubles as a dark ride. This unique coaster, themed to the world of Arthur et le Minimoys, moves 4 riders per car. The single rider line can move very quickly since groups of 2 and 3 are most common.

Voletarium has single rider lines

Attraction #6: Voletarium

Voletarium is a panoramic flight simulator much like Soarin at Walt Disney World. There’s two theaters, each which seats 70 riders. For a quick ride, Voletarium is a great bet for a shorter, quick moving single rider line.

Is Europa Park Strict About Single Rider Lines?

Single rider lines aren’t a way for groups to move to the front of the line faster. They’re meant to help fill up the cars of the attractions in order to move the maximum amount of riders possible.

When the employees manning the lines notice pairs or groups entering the single rider line, they are asked if they’re ok with not being able to ride together.

At the end of the day, out of it’s massive amount of attractions, Europa Park offers the ability for solo theme park enthusiasts to help fill up the ride cars on the most popular attractions! But, as always, it’s a great idea to watch the line to make sure it’s actually moving. If it’s not, it might be better to enter the normal standby queue instead.

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