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Phantom Manor at Disneyland Park

Last Updated on January 27, 2024 by Themepark Freak

Phantom Manor, located in Frontier Land, is the Disneyland Paris equivalent of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

You will board a Doom Buggy and get whisked through the hallways of the manor then out to the grave yard to meet the 99 friendly haunts that live there! Just be careful that you don’t make yourself 1,000 because there’s always room for one more!

What is the Phantom Manor?

The Phantom Manor is a dark ride that takes the rider on a journey through the manor in carts known as a Doom Buggy.

This attraction starts when the rider is let into the Foyer by a cast member. Here they will meet the voice of the Phantom who will tell them a bit about the legend of the manor (in alternating English and French).

Once the story has been told, a panel will open in the wall and riders will be ushered into an octagonal room that has 4 portraits on the wall. This is known as the stretch room. Why? Well, Themepark Freak doesn’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to go visit the manor to find out!

After the Phantom finishes his story in the stretch room, another panel in the wall will open letting riders into the portrait corridor. At the end of the hall riders will turn a corner and be in the loading area where there is a moving walk way that goes the same speed as the Doom Buggies.

When the rider reaches the moving walkway, they will let the manor cast member know how many will be riding and they will be directed to a buggy.

What Kind of Ride System Does the Phantom Manor Use?

The ride system is Disney’s own Omnimover where the carts, or Doom Buggies, will continuously move. As mentioned above, riders will come to a moving walk way. When they step onto it they will be going the same speed as the buggy and board it. This system moves people through quickly keeping the wait time down.

Is There Restraints on the Doom Buggies?

There is a lap bar that the Phantom will move down for you towards the end of the moving walk way. The bar can accommodate bodies of most sizes.

General Information About the Phantom Manor

The following is the general information about the Phantom Manor. You’ll learn practical information such as where it’s located, how long the ride is, and accessibility information among other things.

Where is the Phantom Manor Located

The Phantom Manor is located in Frontier Land in Disneyland Park. To find it, head toward the entrance of Big Thunder Mountain where you will head left.

When you see the queue for the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing to your right (on the lake) you know you’re heading in the right direction. Keep following the path and soon you’ll see the manor looming on it’s hill overlooking the lake.

Tip: if you want great photos of the Phantom Manor, take a ride on the riverboat. If you stand on the shoreside railing you’ll be able to take all the photos you want!

Phantom Manor at Frontierland

How Long Does the Ride Last?

Your ride through the manor in your Doom Buggy will last around 7-10 minutes. The exact length depends on if it need to stop to let wheel chair users or others who need a little more time to transfer into their buggy.

Is there a Single Rider Line?

No, the manor doesn’t utilize the single rider system at Disneyland Paris. This attraction moves a large amount of people at once from the line to the pre-show and then into a pre-load room. When a single rider is ready to board, they will usually be given their own cart.

This ride is, however, part of the Premier Access “skip the line” program.

Can Riders Bring Their Bag?

Yes, Doom Buggy riders are allowed to bring their bag on board. It’s suggested that the rider puts their bag between their feet before the lap bar comes down.

Accessibility Information About the Phantom Manor

In this section, Themepark Freak will answer all of the questions a rider may have about the accessibility of the attraction. This includes everything from challenges getting to the attraction to information about wheel chairs or sensory simulations.

Are There Stairs to Navigate or Other Physical Obstacles?

As you progress through the standby ride, you will have to navigate 2 flights of steps that contain 4 steps each. The steps are low and deep.

Steps in the standby line of the Phantom Manor

The Premier Pass route has several flights of stairs that must be navigated. The flights are as follows:

  • Flight 1: 5 steps
  • Flight 2: 3 steps
  • Flight 3: 8 steps
  • Flight 4: 5 steps
  • Flight 5: 6 steps

The steps on this route are slightly higher than the standby line and shallower.

Is the Ride Wheelchair Friendly?

Riders who utilize wheelchairs must be able to transfer into the Doom Buggy. Wheelchair access for Phantom Manor is through the exit of the attraction. At the very back, the rider will be greeted by a manor cast member who will then assist the party with getting on the ride.

Be aware when you go inside the building that you will be rolling against guests who have just left the ride.

Is There Other Mobility Challenges?

The entire inside queue is flat, however, at the end the rider will need to step onto the moving walkway. If you think this might be a challenge, alert the cast member so they can assist you.

Is the Ride Guide Dog Friendly?

Yes, guide dogs may ride the Phantom Manor.

Is the Ride Family Friendly or Thrilling?

The Phantom Manor is a slow dark ride. However, for some children the haunts of the manor may be scary or distressing. So parental discretion is advised on this particular attraction.

What Kind of Sensory Stimulations are On the Ride?

  • dim lighting
  • sudden sounds
  • loud sounds
  • some flashing
  • visual effects such as projections

Is Phantom Manor Size Friendly?

Riders of size generally find this attraction to be accommodating. If necessary, the individual can ride alone. There is a lap bar that will come down, however, there are no other restraints.

The entrance into the ride could be a hinderance for some individuals.

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