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Efteling – Droomvlucht

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Step into the magical realm of elves and trolls when you enter Droomvlucht. This captivating attraction, suitable for the young and old alike, whisks you away on an ethereal journey through the world of dreams.

Fairies in Droomvlucht

As you wander through the dream world, you’ll see the Castle Realm where you’ll watch castles floating peacefully among waterfalls and vegetation. Then you’ll enter the Wondrous Forest to visit the fairies, fauns and other magical creatures that frolic among the trees.

Then there’s the Fairy Garden where the delicately winged creatures play on swings or watch you pass by on their various branches. Next is the Heavenly Strongholds and finally the Squelch Forest. Here you’ll visit the trolls and squelches who love playing in the rain.

What is Droomvlucht?

Droomvlucht, which opened in 1993, is one of the most beloved attractions at Efteling. It was conceived to immerse visitors in a fantastical dream world.

The experience was designed by Ton van de Ven and built by Translift. The goal was to open the ride in 1992 for the Efteling’s 40 year anniversary, however due to issues with the ride carriages the opening was postponed.

Dream flight troll

Droomvlucht is a suspended dark ride which takes passengers on a journey through the dream realm. You will enjoy music scored by Ruud Bos (who also created the music for Villa Volta, VogelRok and Fata Morgana).

Practical Information FAQs About Droomvlucht

In this section, you’re going to find practical information FAQs about the Dream Flight. Find out where the ride is location, how long you need to set aside to ride it, as well as if there’s a single rider line!

Yes, Droomvlucht uses a lap bar restraint system to ensure the safety of all guests during their journey through the magical realms.

Droomvlucht moving walkwayIn order to board the cart, guests will need to step on a moving walkway. This is much like the walkways used by the different rides using the Omnimover system at Disney parks.

Each Droomvlucht train consists of 2 cars. Each car can accommodate 2 average sized adults, 2 adults and a toddler or 3 smaller teens and/or adults. This means per train, from 4-6 guests can ride.

Yes, guests must be at least 1.00 meter (3 feet 3 inches) tall, ensuring safety and accessibility for a wide range of visitors. Young guests may only ride with someone aged 16 or older.

Your dream flight will last roughly 8 minutes from the time you board your cart.

Yes, guests can bring their bag onto the Droomvluct. Just put it in between the feet after boarding.

Droomvlucht does not have a single rider line.

Dream Flight Accessibility FAQs

Are you a guest that needs accommodation due to disability? You’ll be able to find Dream Flight accessibility FAQs here! Is Droomvlucht wheelchair accessible? Are there stairs in the queue? What kind of sensory stimulations are expected?

You’ll be able to go through the FAQs below!

No, Droomvlucht is not wheelchair friendly. In order to board, you do need to be mobile.

However, Efteling has created a VR experience for wheelchair users so they can have their Dream Flight via virtual reality. Here are some videos detailing the experience:

Dream Flight utilizes a moving walkway that guests need to step on. This could be difficult for those with mobility challenges or who are unstable.

Ask for assistance from the crew member attending the boarding of the ride.

Yes! Service dogs can board the Dream Flight along with their handlers!

There are several sensory stimulations on this attraction:

  • dim lighting
  • swaying of the cart
  • music
  • scents

There are no sudden jolts, jump scares or loud music on this particular dark ride.

As this particular dark ride only has a lap bar, guests have found the carts to be very accommodating to a variety of sizes.

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