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Expedition Everest at Walt Disney World

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At Expedition Everest at Walt Disney World, you’re not going to have to put any training in to reach the summit. First you’ll spend some time in a Tibetan village at the base of the mountain before boarding a train to take you to the top of the world.

While enjoying the sites of Everest, be aware that there’s rumors of monsters living in the dark caves of the mountain. Specifically, the mythical Yeti. Do you dare to embark on this adventure? Can you escape the looming dangers should they occur? Guess you’re going to have to try it to find out!

What is Expedition Everest?

Expedition Everest is a steel roller coaster made by the roller coaster producer Vekoma.

The highest point stands 61 meters tall (199 feet) and features an 24 meter (80 foot) drop. This coaster hits speeds up to 80km/h (50mph) and has a portion that even goes backwards.

This coaster opened in 2006.

Practical Information FAQs About Expedition Everest

Below you’re going to find all of the practical FAQs about Expedition Everest in one place. Find out information like how many riders can ride at the same time, if you can take your bag or if the ride is part of Walt Disney World’s Genie+.

Expedition Everest Train Car

Yes, this roller coaster has a lap bar as a restraint. When you step into the coaster car, you'll pull down the lap bar restraint after sitting down.

The roller coaster train for Expedition Everest has a total of 6 cars. Each car has 3 rows that fits riders in a two by two configuration. :The last car, however, can only fit 2 rows of 2 riders.

In total, each train can take up to 34 riders at a time.

Yes, there is a height requirement of 44 inches (112 cm) for riders to ensure safety.

Once you board your train, your journey to the peak of Everest will take roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Yes, bags are allowed on this particular roller coaster. When you board your train car, simply put your bag between your feet. Since this coaster doesn't go upside down, your bag will not go anywhere.

Remember to remove sun glasses and hold them in your hand, and take your hat off and sit on it!

Yes, Expedition Everest has a single rider line.

Based on experience, the single rider line can either move very quickly which would allow you to ride the coaster several times in a row. Or, if there are a lot of groups with even numbers, the line will not move at all. It's really hit and miss which will happen! Keep an eye on wait times on the WDW app!

Everest is part of WDW's Lightening Lane offerings. Via the Genie+ app, guests can choose to bypass the line by purchasing the individual Lightening Lane pass.

Expedition Everest Accessibility FAQs

If you are a Animal Kingdom guest who will be needing accessibility accommodations, or just want to know if this roller coaster is going to aggravate injuries, this then section is for you! Included is sensory stimulations as well as information for guests of size!

Expedition Everest is friendly for those who can perform a side transfer out of their wheelchairs.

Wheelchair users will go to the very last row in the last car of the train. This is because that particular car's side will open in order to allow the wheelchair user to side transfer.

This is a fairly easy roller coaster car to get into and out of. If you choose to sit in the far side of the car, you will have to get yourself past the divider between seats. You should not have to lift yourself over this part, just scoot by it.

Service dogs are not permitted on roller coasters.

There are generally two options for handlers of service animals that want to ride Expedition Everest. Either another party member can stay with the animal in the designated rider switch area, or there could be a kennel available for use.

Guests can expect the following sensory stimulations on the Expedition Everest roller coaster:

  • lighting effects (including flashes of light)
  • loud noises
  • brief periods of darkness
  • bumpy ride
  • sharp turns
  • sudden drops
  • going backwards

Once the coaster train gets to the top of Everest, there is a Yeti sighting. This could be a scary situation for younger guests or those not prepared for it.

While there is a divider in between seats in the two person per row cars, most riders of a bigger size don't find the seats too uncomfortable. Additionally, the lap bar does not need to come down too far to be "secured" in order for the ride to operate.

Also of note, guests of size also find the gates to get to the coaster car wide enough to pass through comfortably.

Expedition Everest is extremely bumpy and jerky. Guests who have weaker upper bodies or can not keep their head firmly pressed against the head rest tend to not enjoy the ride as much.

In addition to the coaster being bumpy overall, those with back issues may want to re-consider the ride. During the ascension with the chain lift, there is a part where the chain really jerks the train up. This has been known to pop backs, so this is a good to know if a rider doesn't want to aggravate back and hip conditions.

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