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It’s a Small World at Disneyland Park

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Experience a world of enchantment on “It’s a Small World,” the quintessential ride at Disneyland Paris that celebrates international harmony. This charming voyage takes the guest through a delightful array of global cultures. It’s a vivid, audio-visual journey that embodies the spirit of unity and joy.

About It’s a Small World Ride

“It’s a Small World,” is a beloved Disneyland Paris attraction, showcasing global friendship and unity. This Disney creation was first debuted at the 1964 World Fair. Disney collaborated with artist Mary Blair, aiming to support UNICEF with the project. Its immense popularity led to its permanent installation at Disneyland parks worldwide, with the Disneyland Paris version opening in 1992.

Small World

“It’s a Small World” captures the warmth of global cultures. Guests embark on a journey around the world on this river ride. Each region is represented by animatronic dolls in traditional costumes. These dolls dance and sing to the iconic song “It’s a Small World” in different languages. This was done to emphasize the ride’s message of peace and brotherhood.

Furthermore, the ride’s catchy and simple melody, composed by the Sherman Brothers, is a critical element of its charm. Specifically, the song, with its easy-to-remember lyrics and cheerful tune, was designed to be a binding thread throughout the attraction. This makes it an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

Additionally, “It’s a Small World” holds the distinction of being one of the few attractions present since Disneyland Paris’s opening day. Significantly, it has undergone various refurbishments over the years to maintain its timeless appeal. Consequently, the ride’s global message resonates profoundly in today’s interconnected world. This makes it not just an entertaining attraction but also a poignant reminder of our shared humanity.

It’s a Small World Ride Information

The following section details information about the ride. You will learn different facts about the ride such as where the ride can be found, the kind of restraints it uses if any, and how long the ride lasts.

Where is Small World Located?

It’s a Small World is located in Fantasyland in Disneyland Park.

What Kind of Ride is It’s a Small World?

It’s a Small World is a slow moving, river dark ride. Guests sit on hard benches in a boat.

How Many Guests Can Fit in a Boat?

Up to 16 guests can fit in a single boat over 4 rows.

Are There Restraints on the Boats?

The ride’s gentle nature does not necessitate restraints.

Are There Height Restrictions on Small World?

No, the ride is suitable for all heights including toddlers and infants.

How Long Does the Ride Last?

The boat ride lasts up to 15 minutes. This includes loading and unloading. If a guest needs more time to get in or out of the boat, the duration of the boat ride could increase.

Can Guests Bring Their Bag on Board?

Guests can bring bags onto “It’s a Small World.” The boat’s design accommodates personal belongings, allowing riders to keep their items either next to them on the bench or between their feet on the ground.

Is There a Single Rider Line?

“It’s a Small World” lacks a single rider line. The ride focuses on group and family participation, emphasizing shared experiences and collective enjoyment in line with its theme of global unity.

Does Small World Utilize Premier Access?

It’s a Small World utilizes both Premier Access Ultimate and Premier Access One.

Accessibility Information About It’s a Small World

The following details information about how accessible It’s a Small World is to guests with different needs. This includes mobility and sensory information.

Are There Any Stairs in the Queue?

It’s a Small World does not have any stairs in the queue.

Is the Ride Wheelchair Friendly?

Yes, “It’s a Small World” accommodates wheelchair users. The guest can wheel their chair onto the ride and a cast member will assist in securing the chair. Here is a video showcasing the wheel aboard boat.

Are There Other Mobility Challenges

There are a few potential mobility challenges on It’s a Small World depending on an individual’s ability:

  • the queue towards the ride is flat, but has slopes upwards and downwards in various places.
  • the rider must be able to step down into the boat and back out again.

Is the Ride Guide Dog Friendly?

Yes, It’s a Small World allows guide and assistance dogs to ride with their owner.

What Sensory Stimulations are Expected?

The following sensory stimulations can be expected on It’s a Small World at Disneyland Paris:

  • loud music (in various languages)
  • bright colors
  • animontronics
  • the boat the rider is in may bump the boat in front of it

Is the Ride Considered Size Friendly?

“It’s a Small World” accommodates guests of various body sizes comfortably. The boat seating is spacious and designed to ensure a comfortable ride for everyone.

Miscellaneous Accessibility Information

Guests will sit on one location for the duration of the ride, which can be more than 15 minutes if the boat has to stop. A pause in the ride could be from allowing other riders with mobility issues to get on or off the boat, or technical issues.

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