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Disneyland Railroad at Disneyland Park Paris

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The following is information about the Disneyland Railroad at Disneyland Park in Paris. The train takes guests around Disneyland Park where they get to see recreations of the Grand Canyon, travel by the Temple of Peril (an Indiana Jones themed roller coaster) and inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Do you want to know if this is a ride for you? Keep reading the details below!

Information About Disneyland Railroad at Disney Paris

The Disneyland Railroad can be accessed in Main Street, USA right as you enter the park. Alternatively, you can find a train depot in Frontierland as well. Unfortunately, the depots in Discoveryland and Fantasyland are closed more often than they’re open.

The attraction consists of 4 trains that each have 5 passenger cars. The trains are named W.F. Cody which is Buffalo Bill’s real name. C.K. Holiday whom built the Santa Fe railway. G. Washington after the first president of the United States and Eureka which is what miners would yell when they struck gold.

Where to Find the Disneyland Railroad

Get on the train at:

  • Mainland, USA train depot which can be found at the Mainland entrance to the park.
  • Frontierland train depot located by the Fronteirland Theater.
  • Fantasyland depot by Mickey Mouse meet.
  • Discoveryland depot by Star Tours

How Long Does the Train Ride Last?

Set aside 20-30 minutes for the ride. Notably, as with most attractions at Disney Paris, the narration through the lands will be in both French and English.

This is a fantastic ride to relax on if the little ones are running you ragged!

Is the Ride Wheelchair Friendly?

You must transfer from your wheelchair to the bench on the passenger car.

Is the Ride Guide Dog Friendly?

Yes, guide and assistance dogs may ride.

Is the Ride Family Friendly or Thrilling?

The Disneyland Railroad at Disneyland is family friendly. If you’re pregnant, or don’t like being jostled around, you will find this ride suitable.

What Kind of Sensory Stimulations are On the Ride?

  • train whistles
  • animal noises through the Grand Canyon
  • lower light going through tunnels
  • music between narriations

Is the Disneyland Railroad Plus Size Friendly?

Yes. The passenger cars are benches without lap bars or restraints.

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