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VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando

Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Themepark Freak

Deep within the jungle of Universal Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, exists a predator roller coaster called the VelociCoaster.

VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando

Jump aboard your vehicle that will take you on a breath taking tour that will twist and turn through the raptor paddock. Are you able to make it? Or will the raptors catch up to you? Test your mettle on the VelociCoaster!

What is the VelociCoaster?

If you couldn’t tell from the name, the VelociCoaster is a roller coaster. Specifically, it’s a steel launched coaster.

The construction for this coaster was started in 2019 with a opening date of 2021. At it’s highest point it reaches 155 feet, features a 140 foot drop and reaches speeds of up to 70 miles per hour! It also has 4 inversions, all without over the shoulder restraints!

It’s been a few years since my last ride, but I feel like this was the most intense of Universal Orlando’s roller coasters!

Practical Coaster Information

This section has been designed to give you all of the practical information about the VelociCoaster so you can make the informed decision if this coaster is for you!

You will find the VelociCoaster in the heart of the Universal Orlando Resort, specifically in the Islands of Adventure. Upon entering the park you'll want to head towards the Jurassic Park area.

Yes. The restraint system comes down over the head and fits over the lap.

Each train has 4 cars that seat 6 people in a 2 person per row configuration. A total of 24 riders can be launched into oblivion at a time.

Yes, there are height restrictions. The minimum height to ride this coaster is 51 inches or 130cm.

You'll be racing through Jurassic Park for roughly 2 minutes.

No, guests can't bring their bags on board. In fact, there is a metal detector to make sure there's nothing in the guest's pockets or on their person that can fly out and injure another guest.

Before the metal detectors, guests will encounter small 2 way lockers. Put a small bag or item in the locker and when you disembark you will be able to pick it up on the other side.

If you have a small medical bag, or an insulin pump that you want to disconnect and store, you can talk to a staff member and they'll instruct you to talk to a colleague at the boarding area to store the items in a medical locker.

Yes, there is a single rider line. Be aware that the single rider line will bypass the pre-show and any sort of Jurassic Park theming.

Also, since this is a 2 seat per row ride, the single rider line may not move quickly.

Yes, you can use your Express Pass for the VelociCoaster. Be aware, like with the single rider line, the Express Pass line will skip the pre-show and any Jurassic Park theming.

VelociCoaster Accessibility Information

This section provides detailed accessibility information for this coaster, ensuring all guests can enjoy the ride with comfort and ease.

The queue for VelociCoaster is wide enough to accommodate both manual and electric wheelchairs. Once you have put your belongings in the locker, you will be asked your name and asked to wait in the child swap area.

When it's your turn to ride, a park employee will call your name and take you to the elevator that will take you, in your mobility device, to the coaster platform. One on the platform, they have an area where you're able to leave the wheelchair and transfer into the coaster seat if you can walk. If you need assistance, let the attendants know and they will bring a device to help you transfer!

Besides the stairs in the queue to go up to the coaster platform, you will need to be able to seat yourself in the coaster car. There is a moulded bump in the middle of your seat and your legs go on either side.

No. Riders with a guide dog must leave their dog with a party member, or put them in a provided kennel. If you're going to need to make use of the kennel, please make sure to talk to a staff member for assistance.

In the Queue

In the queue, you can expect:

  • dim lighting
  • crowded spaces
  • flickering or flashing lights
  • loud noises
  • music

At the Locker Area

At the locker area, you can expect:

  • orders coming from staff members
  • being asked to go through a metal detector which will make loud noises if it detects somethin

On the VelociCoaster:

On the coaster, you can expect:

  • loud noise
  • flashing lights
  • sudden acceleration
  • wind on face
  • tilting
  • inversion
  • dropping
  • sensation of leaving the seat

There have been reports of larger bodied guests being able to get on the VelociCoaster.

If you're not certain that you can ride, try out the test seat first. Universal Orlando is very good at keeping people off of the test seats and even added privacy bushes to the VelociCoaster test seat!

Here is a good video describing the best way to sit down and pull down the lap restraint to get a green light.

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